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Gail Bolte creates customized private and group GYROTONIC and Pilates training sessions to improve her clients overall health and well being. 

A native of New York, Gail Bolte's enthusiasm for fitness began in childhood trying a myriad of sports but her passion landed with gymnastics and high school team dance. In 2003, Gail relocated to Portland and embraced Pilates to treat the chronic lower back pain she experienced after having children. Gail's success with Pilates drove her passion for practicing therapeutic movement and led her to become a certified Pilates instructor. 

In 2007, Gail relocated to Hong Kong and continued her work as a Pilates instructor at One Pilates Studio. At this studio Gail was introduced to GYROTONIC and quickly realized the benefits of working on your body in both linear and circular movements. Gail experienced the benefits GYROTONIC provided first-hand, including increased strength, fluidity, and balance. This exposure and realization of the power GYROTONIC has on transforming your body, drove Gail to begin her GYROTONIC certification. Upon her return to Portland in 2009, she completed her GYROTONIC training at Cente GYROTONIC with Master Trainer Emma Kingston. 

Gail believes that movements is the link to health, happiness and inner peace. Her motivation comes from sharing her passion for GYROTONIC and Pilates with others and providing her clients with the inspiration and support they need to achieve their fitness goals. 


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