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Dara W - Freelance Consultant 

Gail is a great teacher! She is very attentive, and really knows what I need to work on to enhance my running and strengthen my body to help prevent injury. I really enjoy my sessions with her. 

Julie - RN 

Gyrotonics is the best exercise I have ever done, and Gail is a fantastic instructor who uses patience and a gentle guiding hand to bring out the best in her students. I have chronic hip pain, and every time I take a class from Gail I feel like a new person. The studio provides an added benefit as a relaxing environment in which to work. I am so glad I found this studio and Gail: I have been inspired to continue to do Gyrotonics for the rest of my life. 

Maria G - Musician/Pianist

I had struggled with back pain for years, in numerous presentations and episodes. After giving birth and the first year of motherhood, the pain was simply unbearable. I had sleepless nights filled with pain. Carrying my baby was excruciating. Bending over to pick up anything would bring tears to my eyes. To make matters worse, I also suffered from "frozen shoulder" from a spill I had taken. Simply put, my body was broken. I started Gyrotonic as a last resort. 


When we met, Gail shared her experiences with her own body pains. Gail is so supportive and encouraging. When I come to an exercise that brings tears to my eyes (mostly from the deep release that I receive), she is always encouraging. Her lessons are fun. She is knowledgable, warm and caring. After a year of lessons and my commitment to Gyrotonic, I can now say I have no pain at night when I sleep. The stiffness in the morning has diminished dramatically. I can pick up my baby and play with her, which is priceless. As an acupuncturist, I have treated body pain. I can honestly say that Gyrotonic is the most well-rounded body exercise there is to conquer pain and to become stronger and more flexible. Pain is the result of a lifetime/lifestyle of emotional and physical stagnation. Gyrotonic, especially as taught by Gail Bolte is a vital part of the healing process allowing the release of stress and tension in the body from the past. 


I am now optimistic about my future health and feel confident that I can grow stronger every day.

Anthony - LMT 

Having trained with Gail for over three years, my experience brings me to highly commend her services as an instructor and as a coach. Working with Gail privately, in group class and in seminars she offers, I've found she has consistently designed fun, engaging classes, offering fantastic personalized instruction that helps develop a deeper understanding of your own body and the beauty of a Gyrotonic practice. 

The results I have experienced from being able to train Gyrotonics and Gyrokinesis under Gail have greatly improved my martial arts practice, helped developed deeper body/mind integration, and finding a big benefit with me enjoying moving around feeling more present and centered in my body. I believe anyone, in any level of fitness can benefit from the quality of instruction offered by Gail. And have some fun doing it. 

Constance K - Retired teacher 

Gail is a dedicated personal trainer who strives to do her very best every day to provide focused, individualized instruction, whether in a private session format or a class structure. She is well-trained and educated in the most up to date Gyrotonic philosophy and technique. Beginning with one-on-one instruction a year ago, I gradually moved to a class format that I now attend twice a week. Additionally, I add one more personal Gyrotonic workout to my weekly routine, making a total of three sessions per week. Recently, an annual physical revealed that besides having much-improved blood pressure and cholesterol readings, I have gained 1/2 inch in height. I attribute these positive changes to my Gyrotonic practice. I literally stand taller and have increased my core strength. Overall, I feel stronger and healthier as compared to one year ago. 


At 67 years old, having tried many forms of exercise, I feel as if I've "come home" to Gyrotonic, thanks to Gail! She has been tireless in her expert guidance during  my year-long introduction to this very unique form of body work. I am so certain of the benefits to Gyrotonic instruction that recently signed up my 90 year old mother for a series of private lessons. My mom loves working Gail! Finally, I know Gail applauds and supports my progress, and will continue to find ways to challenge me in the future. 

Monica P - LMT

I have had the pleasure of taking Gyrotonic and Gyrokenisis classes from Gail for several years now. I always learn something new to support my practice. Gail is very professional , knowledgeable and has a deep and profound understanding of the work . I would highly recommend her teaching.

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